Dr. Tamas Lajtner
Three paradoxes of thought
Integrated Science Vol IV
"THINKING: Bioengineering of Science and Art"
Springer Verlag

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1) Your thoughts change even when they do not change.

2) If you are thinking today what you thought yesterday, you are already thinking something else.

3) In order to remain in one place you should run.
Three paradoxes of thought
Though is Forrce
Integrated Science Vol. IV.
THINKING: Bioengineering of Science and Art.
Springer 2020

Thought is force. Three experiments will be presented here to prove this statement. The first experiment is carried out by the first electric Thought Power Meter in the world. It measures and displays the power of thought. Using its data, the energy of thought can be calculated. There is a small submarine in second experiment that can be lifted to the surface of water with thought force. In the third experiment there is a paper wheel rotated by thought force. These experiments prove that thought force exists, i.e. mainstream science is wrong when it denies the existence of this force.
In the second part of the study a short physics explanation is given that explains the working method of thought force. This physics necessarily goes beyond mainstream physics giving new definition of time and space.

Keywords: thought, thought force, thought power, electronic Thought Force Meter, paper wheel, submarine, time, space.
First Thought Power Meter ever
Experiments on thought force using
Submarine and Paper Wheel
First ever
World's latest tech here: Xmas lights turn
ed on with thought force
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