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Thought is Force
Life, Evolution, Spaces, Time
Thought is Force by Dr. Tams Lajtner
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Dr. Tamas Lajtner has researched the force of thought for more than twenty-five years.

Thought force is a real phenomenon. It is not the same as the brain's electromagnetic signal. Thought force is immeasurable without appropriate indicators, this force is an unexplored fundamental interaction.

Therefore it does not exist in terms of physics theories. No problem. We can use it if it is not qualified as science. Using thought force is our inborn capacity.

If we are able to understand how the force of thought works, we can give new definitions to the following categories:






Creative Design

Thought force is very intriguing. Everybody has it, but nobody knows what it is.
Read a reader-friendly explanation in Dr. Lajtner's book.
Why is the brain able to receive thoughts? Because it is receiving thought. Always. In form of force. In form of thought force.
Our brain is able to create, send and receive thought.
Thought is communication.
On the one hand thought force is a very special force. It is immesurable.
On the other hand thought force is like every force. It creates a counterforce.
Where does travel the force of thought ? And where the counterforce?

If we are able to answer these questions we can also answer several ancient and still open questions.
Space waves
The force of thought cannot work without the waves of space.
Thoughts are modified space waves.
What is able to modified space waves?
Human brains are able. And animals brain? Yes, they are. Watch the next video about thinking elephants.
But the force of thought is a simply force that can be crated by anything. Even by inanimate (non-living).
Thought as force is an effect that froms the whole world. This is a universal method of communication. It is fast, secure and everybody and everything can use it.
Connections in world

Does the force of thought connect everybody with everything in the world?
In headlines about how the force of thought expands our knowledge about phenomena that we know, but we do not know what they really are and how they work at all.
  • If we know that thought is force, we can try to understand how it works.

    Thought force can exist in space without our help.

    Thought force does not work without space.

  • Thought forces are in space. Therefore space is able to store our thoughts.

  • If we study the forces of thought in space that exist without us and outside of our bodies, we can find a new definiton of life.

    Life is a more complex thing than just water and electricity.

    Can exist life in the fabric of space?

  • Thoughts are stored 24/7 in space.

    There can be a 'database of us' that contains our thoughts or a part of them.

    Database of thought in space? It is a must, because our thought forces are in space 24/7,

  • Our thought forces in space define us.

    Every force has its counterforce. So thought forces create counterforces. They signal to the whole word: we exist.

  • The set of our thought forces can build our consciousness.

    Read the book about more details.

    Available on Amazon

  • What is our soul? Is it also in space?

    Partly. But our soul must be strong connected with us.

    Soul is a real phenomenon. Its existence can be understood if we understand some new effects in physics that was hidden until now. Soul needs a new physics that is able to describe it. A lightweight description of it contains the book "Thought is Force".

  • Does God exist?

    Our thoughts are in space. They are forces that can be contacted.

    Is there a possibility that our thoughts are connected with other's thoughts?
    And we know there are thought created not by human
    There is a lof of thoughts in space. Do they create a phenomen in space that is invisible but exists? Yes, it is possible.

  • For more details read the book entitled "Thought is Force" by Dr. Tamas Lajtner.

    The book is available on Amazon

Buy the book at Amazon
Paperback      e-book
The e-book is free to read at Amazon
Elephants think
(with slo-mo) 4:23
A baby elephant being rescued from a hole it had fallen into. The baby elephant is at the bottom of a large hole. Game wardens are filling up the large hole, and it is becoming shallower and shallower. In a small lake nearby, but out of sight, the baby elephant's mother and four elephants are standing.

Eventually, the baby elephant manages to climb out of the hole, and sets off towards the other elephants. When it appears at the lakeside, the five others run up to the baby, hooting loudly. They are evidently very happy. They greet the baby elephant just as happily as human beings when we meet a long-awaited friend.

Once reunited, the six elephants stand motionless. Then, the mother elephant slightly raises her trunk and lowers it (2:55). She repeats these motions and stands perplexed for a while(3:05). Turning slightly towards the people who are present, she raises her trunk higher than before (3:14). The other five elephants do not move. Finally, the mother elephant turns to face the game warders and elevates her trunk as high as she can. (3:39.) The game wardens break into cheers. Now the mother elephant lowers her trunk, turns around, and without looking back, she sets off with the other elephants.
I have given a red circle and slo-mo that highlight how the elephant "thank you" says.
More videos coming soon
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