Thought Power Contest
(6th Sense Contest)
The 6th Sense Contest (Thought Power Contest) is a competition, where average people can show the physical power of their thoughts. The competitors move real things. The strongest and the fastest competitor is the winner.
Be the Winner!
We are different. There are sprinters, they are fast.
There are weight-lifters, they are strong.
There are long-distance walker. They are persistent.
Our thought powers are different, too.
Does your thought force change fast?  Or is it strong? Or is it persistent?
We organize more types of contest. You will find the right one for you.
Come and show your thought force!
Who knows? You may be one of our winners!
Simple, Crystal Clear Rules
Players move special objects with their power of thought. The movement of the objects is visible, measurable, computer and cameras record and analyze it.
The bigger (or longer) the movement the greater the power of your thought. Based on all these the powers of thoughts are  comparable. This is a pure sport activity. A new kind of sport activity. No magic, it's real!
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